Sea Cat New Technology

We create catamarans of the future and smart solutions for water vessels/drafts

About us

Sea Cat New Technology SJSC is a company founded and run by sailing enthusiasts. We specialize in design and construction of double—hull units (catamarans).

We implement yacht concepts for clients with high expectations from all over the world by createing tailor made units, answering individual requirements and needs.

In our projects we creatively combine innovative modern solutions with tradition. We are often characterized as the company that has a fresh and unconventional approach to the subject of sailing.

We are working with many selected entities from the yachting industry, as well as with independent designers, constructors and builders who are recognized specialists in their fields.

Our Story


The concept of a unique, accessible to everyone yacht is created


Leopold Naskręt meets Marcin and Jędrzej - two positive and energetic specialists in the field of commercialization of scientific research


Establishment of the ACATAM project


Obtaining funding for the project from EU funds granted by the National Center for Research and Development


Commencement of work on an autonomous catamaran-type yacht

Our Team


Leopold Naskręt

Spiritus movens of the company. His enthusiasm is contagious. Associated with sailing from an early age. He has salt water in his veins...

Spiritus movens of the company. His enthusiasm is contagious. Associated with sailing from an early age. He has salt water in his veins. President and major shareholder of Sea Cat New Technology. Experienced captain of sailing and motor yachts, engineer and vice-president of the Management Board of the Pomeranian Sailing Association.

Among others he performs the functions of: sailing instructor and lecturer at the Polish Sailing Association, Secretary of the Board of the Pomeranian Sailing Association, member of the Training Committee and Maritime Sailing Commission of the Polish Sailing Association, Coordinator of the Pomeranian Sailing School and Maritime Education in Gdynia.

As an active sailor he has sailing yacht captain and motor yacht captain license. The organizer and the captain of sea cruises. He is also active in the field of journalism as an author of many popularizing articles about sailing and the sea.

Fund Manager

Marcin Bąkowski

An economist by education, a programmer by passion and above all - an sailing yacht and motor yacht sailor...

An economist by education, a programmer by passion and above all - an sailing yacht and motor yacht sailor. Enthusiast of regatta and dedicated, modern, solutions in the field of intelligent yacht technology.

Effective manager with extensive experience in strategic management, financial management, building B2B relationships and managing projects with the participation of diverse, interdisciplinary teams. In his professional work he advised companies on the implementation of the modern IT solutions. Apart from that he was a part of the project that led to creating the first Data Center in the Interior Technology Park in the Lubuskie region in Poland.

Research Manager

Jędrzej Kasprzak

Doctor of Engineering and researcher at the Poznań University of Technology. In his scientific activity he works with issues in the field of...

Z wykształcenia – ekonomista, z zamiłowania – programista …, a nade wszystko – śródlądowy i morski żeglarz jachtowy i motorowodny. Entuzjasta regatowego pływania na krawędzi oraz nowoczesnych, dedykowanych rozwiązań w obszarze inteligentnej techniki jachtowej.
Skuteczny menedżer z dużym doświadczeniem w zakresie zarządzania strategicznego, zarządzania finansami, budowania relacji B2B i kierowania projektami z udziałem różnorodnych, interdyscyplinarnych zespołów. W swojej pracy zawodowej doradzał przedsiębiorstwom w zakresie wdrażania nowoczesnych rozwiązań informatycznych, współtworzył i zarządzał rozwojem grupy SINERSIO oraz zrealizował pomysł utworzenia pierwszego w województwie lubuskim Centrum Przetwarzania Danych na terenie Parku Technologicznego Interior.

Our Partners


Company created by a team of passionate engineers offering their experience in the field of automation, programming and management. It offers design, installation and technical measurements. The company cooperates closely with the Pomeranian Sailing Association consisting in mutual exchange of experiences and mutual support in the field of projects.


One of the main technical universities in Poland, employing over a thousand academic teachers and educating more than 16 000 students. University has an extensive research infrastructure and numerous patents at it’s disposal. SCNT cooperates with the Mechanical and Transport Engineering departments that have many years of experience in shaping and designing drives and smart sollutions.

Why Sea Cat?

We are trustworthy

We have been trusted by The National Center for Research and Development, which awarded us with a grant for the implementation of a research project.

We are experienced team

People making up SCNT as well as subcontractors are professionals with great knowledge and experience in the yachting industry.

We have an innovative approach

SCNT focuses on modern, unconventional solutions. We identify sailors needs and try to meet them the best way we can.

We have broad contacts in the industry

Currently, we cooperate with more than 30 entities from the yachting industry, including shipyards, designers and suppliers of yacht equipment.

We cooperate with research units

In the field of R&D we cooperate closely with research units including Poznań University of Technology.

Choose the autonomy level of your catamaran

The use of autonomous solutions guarantees higher level of safety and more comfort on the yacht. In our units, we implement autonomous solutions such as systems enabling automatic execution of on-board tasks.

Thanks to the modularity of our system you can decide for yourself which solutions in the field of autonomy we will apply on your vessel. We provide autonomy at several levels – from basic advice and suggestions regarding sailing to complete yacht management by dedicated systems.

Our solutions ensure that the level of autonomy is adjusted to the individual needs and preferences of our customers.

Meet our smart yacht

System that analyzes the impact of wind force and direction on the yacht structure and rigging.
Automatic sails and rigging control.
System for collecting and analyzing data from the external environment.
Intelligent system of active control of the yacht’s equipment.
Automatic monitoring system of on-board equipment and the exploitation of yacht.
System that analyzes the influence of waves and undulation on the structure of the yacht.

Our Catamaran

Our catamaran, currently under construction, is the result of collaboration between Polish engineers, constructors and IT specialists with sailors in that it is possible to obtain a wide range of autonomy. It will allow the catamaran to be adapted to the needs of people with limited sailing skills, and even to the needs of the blind and visually impaired.

The autonomy of the yacht will include solutions in the field of: sailing, navigation, control, diagnostics and living on board. New technology of an autonomous sailing catamaran will eliminate the problems and barriers related to the knowledge and skills required to sail on a yacht. This is a response to the needs of both charter companies and amateur sailors planning to acquire their own vessel, for whom limited sailing skills are a significant obstacle.

One of the basic premise of the project is to create universal, modular solutions that can be used both on a sailing and motor catamarans, and then allow for simple adaptation to the monohull yachts.

Our catamaran meets one of the key needs in sailing, which is the sense of safety and comfort of staying on a yach.



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